jeudi 12 septembre 2019

For or against clairvoyance ?

Ask the question and the debate is revived! It is impossible to approach the subject of clairvoyance without provoking various reactions: the people who oppose it, those who swear by it, and the curious people of whom I belong, who say to themselves:
"Why not?"

Whatever our position on clairvoyance, we can not deny its appeal: In France, in 2018, nearly one in four had already resorted to clairvoyance.

Why consult a clairvoyant?

We have no control over our future; clairvoyance allows us to access it and guide our choices.There are many people who turn to clairvoyance for answers, to quell their doubts and to reassure themselves about their future.To consult a clairvoyant requires a certain openness of mind since the approach calls upon the irrational.

What about the gift of clairvoyance? 

Clairvoyants use a sixth sense,a kind of strong intuition and the strength of their subconscious. Using different media (maps, clocks, numerology) they make their predictions.

How to recognize a good clairvoyant?

Since the seers use their sixth sense, the predictions can not always be perfectly correct. Clairvoyance describes a possible future that stems from your present from your past.Everything is interrelated. A good seer is there to guide and advise you, while inviting you to take your life in your hands.

How? By letting you take ownership of the predictions and leaving you interpret them, so using your free will. You are master of your life. A good seer does not do in complacency, will make predictions with ethics, responsibility and seriousness.

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